About our Riding

The Fredericton Riding includes several urban, suburban and rural areas crossing the counties of York, Sunbury and Queens Counties in Central New Brunswick. Adding to the diversity of the riding are three First Nation Reserves, the Provincial Capital, a military community, several smaller parish communities, all surrounded by a vast rural area.

Our riding includes

  • City of Fredericton with a northwesterly boundary along the transmission lines crossing Brookside Drive at West Hills and continuing to the northern city limits;
  • Village of New Maryland;
  • Devon Reserve No.30;
  • St. Mary’s Reserve No. 24;
  • Parish of Kingsclear along the Trans-Canada Highway commencing at the Fredericton City Limits until McIntosh Brook;
  • Town of Oromocto;
  • Oromocto Reserve No. 26;
  • Parish of Burton;
  • Parish of Sheffield;
  • that part of the Parish of Lincoln lying northerly of the eastbound lane of the Trans-Canada Highway;
  • that part of the Parish of Maugerville lying southwesterly of the Canadian National Railway;
  • And a portion of the Parish of Canning lying along Highway No. 690 ending before the Village of Minto limits